Sussex® Wooden Shutters

Sussex® Wooden Shutters are crafted from purpose grown forests so are ecologically friendly. All timbers used are hand-selected by our buyer and undergo our unique Wood Conditioning to ensure a perfect match for your home.
Every shutter is built by hand by our artisans using centuries old skills combined with 21st century technology. The result is a shutter that will withstand the test of time, looking stunning for as long as you own your home.
Every Sussex® Wooden Shutter undergoes a process of five separate sandings and receives five coats of paint or stain. 25 quality control checks ensure a shutter that will add grace and refinement to your room.


Sussex® Wooden Shutters Incorporating Norman® Teak

Sussex® Wooden Sutters are hand-crafted from purpose grown Norman Teak for homeowners who demand nothing but the best and appreciate the rare beauty of natural wood. The shutters reflect the skills of ages past used by our artisans who take pride in creating window furniture of heirloom quality.
Featuring outstanding beauty and strength, Sussex® Wooden Shutters come with a wide range of frame options and custom colour choices, producing a finished product that will grace your home and that you will be proud to display to visitors.



Master craftsmanship
  • Every shutter is built by hand using skills that have been passed down for generations combined with the technology of the 21st century.
Hand chosen premium timbers
  • Quarter-sawn wood produces timber of fine grain and outstanding strength.
  • Uniform appearance with rich wood character in stains, smooth paint finishes.
Mortise and Tenon joints
  • The strongest joints in carpentry.
Recessed magnets
  • Hidden magnets make for a streamlined appearance.
Stainless steel fasteners
  • Corrosion resistant.
Furniture-quality finish
  • Every shutter is hand sanded five times and receives five coats of paint resulting in a finish that exudes quality.
Prescription Wood Conditioning
  • Moisture levels throughout the world are different.
  • All wood is dried to match the humidity of your home to prevent any form of warping, twisting, or cupping.



R-Value of 4.63




Special shapes
  • Sussex® Wooden Shutters can be made to fit any design of window – even those out of square.
Choice of colours
  • Finished in your choice of 32 stains or 18 different paints.
Frame choices
  • Choose from a range of different frame options to complement your décor.
  • Add decorative moulding to the frame if you wish.
Hinge colour choices
  • Choose hinges and hardware to match your room.
Louvers selection
  • 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm(elliptical shape).
Hidden and offset tilt bar
  • Allows unobstructed view and a streamlined appearance.
French door cut-outs
  • Allows for different doorknob styles on French doors.
Hand-carved top and bottom rails
  • Decorative carving can be added for that personal touch.

Wooden Shutters - Elegance And Performance

Sussex® Wooden Shutters offer you the widest choice of options for the frame design, colour, finish, hardware, and can be produced to fit any window shape.

  • InvisibleTilt: Tilt the whole panel of louvres without a tilt rod, making for a wider view, streamlined appearance, and simple cleaning.
  • Optimal antimicrobial treatment: Prevents airborne germs such as salmonella, e-coli, and staph from accumulating – perfect for homes with the elderly or young children.
  • Custom color match: Your selection from a wide range of colour options.
  • With the wide panel capability, means fewer panels and a wider view.
  • Special shapes to fit any type or size of window including arches, circles, angles, French doors and even windows out of square.